Last of the NYC Inspiration

Last of the NYC Inspiration
Well today I’m back to share the final installment of the NYC inspiration. We throughly enjoyed our time in the city that never sleeps and of course we were over the moon to be on The Nate Show! The trip provided us with the perfect opportunity to recharge our creative juices and start off the new year with a full inspiration tank! Just as promised, we will end this show with a bang thanks to Anthropologie.
So, are you ready for this?!
Of course the FOS (front of store) is extrememly important for Anthro because we all know first impressions are formed quickly and seem to last. This Christmas, Anthro seemed to embrace a more mod, silver colored theme (which is wildly different from their rustic and woodsy feel from last year). Many of the stores are using foiled surfaces to achieve their more mod look.
This store below created what seemed like a million tiny foil boxes, strung them together, and then hung them in the windows and all around the entrance to the store.


I love the canopy and then cascading effect that just makes you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland! 🙂

Here Anthro proves once again that simple, small pieces grouped together in mass make a huge, incredible statement!
Here’s a close-up of the boxes in case you want to try and figure out how to make these for yourself.
Here, some igloo-like dome shapes are grouped together for a fun 3-D effect. Can you tell what they’re made from?
Well plastic spoons of course. 🙂 The fact that they are also lit from within raises this installations wow factor up a few notches in my book. I love glowing art!
The dome feel was carried over to the other side of the store with this 1/2 igloo like structure created from frames and old windows.
Here a couple of plain jane floating shelves are snazzed up with a whimsically cut frame.
The scene in this window is slightly obscure but still very visible do to a layer of plastic straws in front of it! It almost looks as if the window has accumulated a thin layer of frost on it’s surface. What a lovely effect!
Paper chain=not that impressive. That is unless you gather 200 strands of it.
I’m thinking the idea here was to create something that resembled icicles. Maybe not, but that’s what it makes me think of.
It seems circles of paper were tightly strung and then glitter was applied to the edges. I love the result.
Below an incredible focal point is created by stuffing books into this huge wooden cabinet. Books are a favorite in Anthro displays. I particularly like the fading paint treatment and the fact that these gangly light fixtures are emerging from the stacks.
This particular window displays was not a favorite. Then, Tim spotted a motor and figured out the installation was on a timer. He asked an employee if they would turn it on, but they said they couldn’t touch it, but the timer should trigger it every seven minutes. He waited around and after seven minutes decided to turn it on himself. I still wasn’t that taken with the whole thing, but I give major props to anyone who creates a moving art installation.
The last photo is not impressive because of the talent needed to create it or because there are a million pieces to it. It’s simply ethereal. Sometimes all you need to make an awe inspiring window display is a giant parachute. 🙂
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and all the design inspiration from our NYC trip. Now, I guess it’s time to start creating some inspiring things of our own!

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  1. jessica

    Thank you!! I love going my local Seattle store and seeing their displays! I wonder if every store is different?? My fave is the foil boxes. I just might have to ‘borrow’ that idea in some decor sometime!!!

  2. Payne-less Photography

    I love fun window displays. Miss Jackson’s in Tulsa has some of the most fun and creative ones I have ever seen I could just stop and stare for while. I wish every store would do great displays…at least some of the time. I love the glittery paper circles strung up.

  3. Jason Stafford

    Kara, the “paper chain” photo caused me to “double take”. I thought Anthro decorated their men’s restroom! With the tile running half way up the wall and the vertical lamps spaced the way they are…not to mention Tim with his back to the camera. I thought…at least let him finish before you take the photo. Then I realized it wasn’t what I thought. 🙂

  4. The Dandelion Girl

    The displays are why I love working at Anthro… our store took metallic ribbon (intended for presents), cut them into about 5ish inch long segments, folded them over, and completely covered the area behind the cash wrap in swirls of metallic… and we had two Christmas trees made of photo slides in our window — back lit by “the projector”

    one of my favorites of ours… by far… (besides Dome Home and the clothespin dress)

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