Layered and Luxe Dining Room

Layered and Luxe Dining Room

Happy Monday Friends! On Friday I mentioned that I had been on a design binge.  I used the word “binge” because that is really what it felt like to me. For 3 days, I rarely made contact with the outside world.  Me and my bestie traveled to a town 3 hours away and worked on a house that I’ve been consulting on since it was being built.  When we got there, we worked, ate, worked, and ate.  There was minimal sleeping.  I was on a design high most of the time watching color fill the rooms and images in my mind become a reality.  When we finished up 3 days later, complete exhaustion set in and I literally felt like I had ran a marathon.  Emily and I were both in a state of delirium at the end and it’s taken us multiple days to recover.  But as I’m sitting here editing these photos, I’m more than certain our design marathon was all worth it!  Today, I’m sharing some finished photos of the dining room.  Tomorrow I’ll go into more detail and all the pieces we created and why I chose them!







IMG_6489 IMG_6490




Below: From the living area (another room to be revealed soon)!  🙂


‘Til tomorrow!

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