Man Cave Bar Area- Before and After

Man Cave Bar Area- Before and After

Hey Friends!  I figured I’d keep the trend going from Friday and reveal another bar area that I recently completed!  I’ve posted sneak peaks of Anthony’s man cave, so you’ve had an idea of what things were looking like, but today you get to see the bar area from it’s beginning to it’s final look.  We started out with a bare nook begging to be used and filled with something special.  And since I knew this room would soon be filled with men watching football and doing whatever it is that men do, I felt the nook was the perfect place for a built-in bar!





I added a raised wood floor to really delineate the space and further declare, “this area is something special, a major focal point.”  Of course, if the space was going to be a focal point, I needed to create something interesting to look at. I used a mix of organic and modern materials and lines to create a rugged sophistication that any man would enjoy.  But this space wasn’t just for any man, it was for Anthony-  a manly man, an athlete, former Division 1 college football player, and trend setting stud!  So, this space had to speak directly to him. One way we did that was with our wood and leather inset panels. I’ll talk more about those tomorrow.


For the countertop choice, I really felt like marble was the right choice.  There are sooooo many types of marble out there. I mean google it.  Because marble is a natural material, every piece is completely unique but almost always beautiful.  When I spied  this photo on a google search, I knew that was the look I wanted.


Luckily, I was able to find something similar and continue that organic, but clean and classy feel.



Of course nothing makes a bar area like a little bit of alcohol.  I have always loved the look of light filtering through bottles, so I had a steel shelf made to span the window in this space and I placed Anthony’s liquor stash on it.


I’m not a huge fan of most liquors, but nothing makes booze taste better than a beautiful set of vintage gold and black glasses!  Don’t you agree!? I picked up this set at a local resale shop called “The Retro Den.”  They are the perfect addition for this Pittsburgh Steelers fan! 🙂


The last thing to cover in this bar area is the steel panel that I placed on the front of the bar.  I used steel 1. Because I love it 2. Because it’s “manly” and 3. Because it speaks to Anthony’s love for the “Steelers.” 🙂  I added the rust because I wanted the organic form to soften the material and add a bit of color to the area. 🙂


Last, let’s look at a side by side comparison.


So, there you have it!  Anthony’s bar area complete!  More info and more of the room coming soon! ‘Til tomorrow!


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