Metallic Alligator Skin Panels

Metallic Alligator Skin Panels

Hey there! Happy Friday Friends! Today I am sharing a window display that I did for a local interior furnishings store.  The goal was to create a backdrop that was interesting and added to the window scene without taking too much attention off the product/furniture that would be placed in the window.

After sitting through a few meetings and listening to the desires for the look of the window, I offered up a few ideas- one of which was cut out alligator skin panels.  I was very excited when the team agreed this was a good direction to go.  Here’s what the panels look like put in place.




The cutout panels were a great option because they stop your eye and allow you to focus on what is in the window, but they also let light through to the back of the store.  Also, if what you see in the window piques your interest, the panels are open enough that you can peak past them to get a glimpse of what the rest of the store holds.


(from the back)

I used Modern Masters Metallic Paint (from Spectrum Paint) in Pewter to cover the panels.  The glimmer of the metallic with the blown up graphic pattern is elegant, posh, and appealing to both sexes.  I also wanted to bring in a bit of brass to contrast with the  pewter.  You can see the limited amount that is  found on the solid pieces of the background… but there is more coming!

(from the back)


Do you like the panels but feel like something is missing?  Well, it is.  I combined the cutout panels with the solid back pieces because: 1. All alligator would be too much 2. Two stunning chandeliers will soon be hung in the center of both the lounge scene and the office scene.   The chandelier in the lounge area has an organic shape and really needed a solid background in order to be appreciated.  Look at the photo below and imagine a gorgeous fixture hanging right in the center of that panel over the coffee table…


So right now, the space looks like it’s missing something, but soon enough the space will feel perfectly thought out.  Also, from a set decorator’s point of view, there is definitely some styling that needs to happen. You know, some accessories to help tell the story!?

I’m excited to see it all come together!  Have a lovely weekend!

PS- Love that metallic paint and don’t have a Spectrum store in your area?  You can purchase Modern Masters online- right here!


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