Mini Makeover- A Pew Under Review

Mini Makeover- A Pew Under Review

Hey Friends!

Sorry for missing a couple of posts there!  Last week Tim and I pulled a couple of all nighters and one thing became quite obvious to us. . . we are getting old!!!  Apparently our bodies can’t handle a sleepless night like they used to! 😉

Anyway, we feel like the hard work was definitely worth it as we finished up our “Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock and Roll” design!

I will reveal the full design soon, but today I just want to show you a little portion of it.  This piece ended up being one of Tim and I’s favorites.  Angelene (the wife) was in love with this pew and really wanted it in living/dining room area if at all possible. . . .


Jonny, her husband, had less fond feelings towards it.  And to be honest, so did I.  If I’m being frank, I thought the pew was U-G-L-Y, ugly, yeah, yeah, you ugly! The cross between church pew and theatre seating just wasn’t doing it for me.  When I tried to figure out exactly what I didn’t like about the piece, it became clear to me that the back rest was much too plain!  So. . . I hatched a plan! And here’s what I came up with. . .


What do you think!?!?

My idea was to define each seat with a throne silhouette.  I liked the idea of adding a bold graphic to add personality to the piece and to be a fun juxtaposition to the vintage vibe.  In upcoming posts, you will also see how the shape of the throne speaks to other items in the space.

IMG_4012 copyIMG_4066 copy

If you’re wondering how I made each seat back exactly the same, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  It’s vinyl!  Tim created the file and then headed up to Fab Lab to cut it out on the vinyl machine! We love using high tech fabrication to create very personalized designs.


Speaking of personalized, I’m sure you noticed the “W” on the seat back.  Well, that not only stands for the couple’s last name, but it also stands for Jonny’s band.  We used their exact font to make sure the final look was something that would be meaningful on multiple levels.



The best part is there are just enough seats for the Wright Brothers Band and Queen Angelene!  😉


Stay tuned for more of the reveal coming up tomorrow!

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