Mini Makeover- Smith’s Dining Table

Mini Makeover- Smith’s Dining Table

Happy hump day friends! Today I’m revealing a mini makeover that I did for the Smith’s space.  Their great room encompasses an entry way, living room, and dining area.  After a little space planning, we got everything fitting just beautifully….but a few tweaks needed to be made to make things really “feel good.”


The Smith’s table was actually a great size for the dining area, but it’s dark wood finish made it feel really heavy and cumbersome in the space, especially since it doesn’t get much natural light.  My solution?  A white base and a gold table top!  For the gold, I used Benjamin Moore’s Molten Metallics Paint (from Spectrum).  This stuff is amazing. It sticks to anything and the it’s finish is super hard and holds up wonderfully.  Plus, it’s gorgeous!

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.30.14 AM

Here’s what the table looked like after the legs went white and the top received a few coats of gold….


I also replaced the chairs and opted for a more prominent wingback style.  I removed one for the pictures so you could really see how the table transformed.


I love that paint has the power to completely change the feel of a piece with minimal effort, time, and money.


Here’s a close up of the table top.  The Molten Metallics paint leaves a hammered effect that actually looks like real metal.  It is beautiful!


Get your Molten Metallics paint at your local Spectrum Paint.  I, of course, am partial to gold, but they have a number of other metallic options to choose from! Have fun and happy painting!

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