My Anthro Displays- Doily Fossils and Moss Balls

My Anthro Displays- Doily Fossils and Moss Balls

This time around at Anthro I was challenged to freshen up the front of the store with something special. I wanted to do something that felt organic and feminine. I think my combo of “floating and fossilized doilies” along with moss balls galore really achieved the affect I was going for.


I wanted to highlight the whole couch/doily art area, so I built a frame of sorts to really bring attention to the area. Although I wanted to beef up the molding a bit (the budget ran out), I am pleased with how it turned out. This idea could be fun in a loft type space!
I just want to interject here- I know that the rug under the coffee table is way undersized, but we are working with the product that we have in house. I do love the colors and pattern though, don’t you? If only it were a 7X9!
I’m sure you see that the doily piece appears to be floating, but you might be wondering what I meant when I said that the doilies were “fossilized.” Well it is hard to see in the pictures, but most of the doily shapes are actually engrained into the material I used. It really looks like a fossil! Hopefully you can see what I mean by these close-ups!
Even though I love the fossilized factor, my favorite part of the floating piece is the huge doily cut out behind the left side of the couch.
Here’s a close up of one of the moss balls. I made the “flowers/growths” out of doilies to tie into the main display. This is one of the medium sized moss balls, but my favorite one has about a 5 ft diameter.
This is a shot of the shelves above the clothing racks. I did a lace background and then mingled moss balls throughout the product for sale.
You can see the enormous moss ball at the far left of the photo below.
Here are a couple of photos from the back.

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  1. katyl

    you are so stinkin creative. I’m always so impressed when you talk about your anthro displays. It’s a true gift!


  2. Wendy

    Fabulous as usual. I love the cutout too – that’s too good. This would make a fun headboard, don’t you think? Several of them together?

  3. Kara Paslay

    Katy, thank you so much! I am happy that I can share my creativity and hopefully inspire others!

    Hey Wendy, I do think it could make a lovely headboard! You should try that and send me pics!

    Kara, not at all! I think it would be a delightful place to live!!! 🙂

    Heather, I do feel blessed to have a job where I can create each and every day!

    Lisa, come on by girl! Can’t wait to see you! 🙂

  4. Kara Paslay

    Hey Jessica,

    I guess since I am not working there any more I can share some of my “secrets”. I think I will do a full tutorial in the future. The doillies are made from the pink sheets of insulation they use on the exterior of buildings. Would you have ever guessed? Pretty awesome huh?

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