My Anthro Displays- Huge and Home Spun Yarn Installation

My Anthro Displays- Huge and Home Spun Yarn Installation

Hey Friends! Today I’m back to share another Anthro display that I completed this past week! Yay! This display was supposed to be a melding of two concepts- a very feminine 50’s feel with a whimsical, creative influence. For a while, it was somewhat difficult for me to marry these two ideas in a way that I was excited about. And even after deciding on a display idea, I was still a little worried with how it would turn out.

When I started the project my interns has dwindled down to 3 and at the end of it, they were all back at their schools. 🙁 (I’m so sad, they were the best!) In an ideal world I would have covered a whole lot more space with the installation, but in reality this task of using yarn to create these curvy shapes took forever!!!! So, knowing that I didn’t have months to complete the task, I tried to come up with a composition that made a statement but didn’t take an eternity to finish. Here’s how it turned out.
You can see above how the negative space created by the installation looked like half circles on either side. I then created half circles of yarn to highlight that negative space and add to the installation as a whole.
Another reason I created the half circles is because dots are a big focus in Anthropolgie right now and this was a way to bring dots into the mix without it being so obvious. PS- expect a lot of dots/circles/spheres from Anthro this holiday season!!! 🙂
One main component of the display that was important was highlighting the architecture of the wall that was already there. The wall is covered in a rippling canvas cloth. This adds a nice texture to the colorless wall and definitely didn’t want to cover that up. Instead, I formed my installation to the ripples that were already there. The pops of color swelling in and out of the crevices only add to the rich texture and make for a beautiful effect!
Probably the most important thing that this display had to do was make a statement. You see this wall as soon as you walk through the doors so it needed to be bold and attention grabbing to draw people into the space.
Maybe my favorite thing about this installation is how it perfectly mimics the curve of the “shoe sculpture” at the front of the store. The sculpture basically becomes another half circle within the display. Being that this is the first site you see as you come into the store, I feel like this element helps to tie the whole space together.
A side view.
Although this isn’t my favorite display that I’ve done, I think it has some cool components. What are your thoughts? Do tell! (as long as they’re not too mean) 🙂

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  1. Heidi

    OMG I LOVE this! It’s so stunning. I have a bookmark somewhere of a pillow someone did using yarn to create flowers. This is an entirely different level.
    thanks for the inspiration

  2. David and Kathryn

    I was thinking this was your grand finale or something! I am so impressed :). It surprised me to read your comment that this was not one of your favorite installations. I feel it is extremely artistic, and I love, love, love the way the front display ties in so well. It might be my favorite, though that’s difficult to say, because I think I had a lot of favorites :). You are such an inspiration.

  3. Kira

    I think it looks great! I know you can’t share all of the details on how you made it, but is this essentially yarn glued onto fabric?

  4. Lisa J

    HOW? I have no idea how you did this! It’s gorgeous, but did you sew it all? How on earth?! Amazing…

  5. Sharlette

    This is brilliant Kara! I can’t wait to see how you finish my daughters dining room! I love what you have done so far. I am Natalie’s mom.

  6. Lisa

    Wow, I wish we got to know more details about how it was done. It looks like it would take FOREVER! I too am surprised you’re not more of a fan of it.

    Well, I will miss your Anthropologie posts. They had me heading down to my local store (where I can’t afford to shop) to see how they executed the same directives and themes. As part of the visual staff, did you get to see photos of what all the other stores did?

    So, I will miss these posts but I am glad you are following your passion!

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