My Anthro Displays-Post-it Windows

My Anthro Displays-Post-it Windows
This week I wanted to start things off right with a new window display that I (with the help of some awesome interns!) recently completed. I have always loved how Anthro uses everyday items in mass quantities to make an incredible statement. Well, after this window and using about a billion post-it notes, I definitely feel like part of the Anthro team!
Here’s a close-up.
Now let’s see what that looks like from farther away!


I wanted this window to feel bold and organic. I also wanted their to be a feeling of movement throughout the window.
I wanted to make sure the window looked good from all angles. The next few photos show this front window from all sorts of angles (including inside the store).
The post-it’s touch every plane in the space (floor, ceiling, window, wall). I think this really helps to give the installation a 3-D sort of effect.
(in the dark)
(during the early morning)
At our Anthro here in Tulsa, we have lots of windows. The window below is on the side of our building. Doing the same sort of gesture here as in the windows above would have been a little overkill, so I came up with a different concept.
Different, but I like just as much I think. It is obviously much more graphic and you can instantly tell I used post-it notes. I like how the dye gives them a slightly dimensional look.
These windows have really gotten some attention from Anthro customers and passer -bys. One lady took the time to come in, find me, and tell me how much she loved them. That makes me so happy! Thank you random lady for your sweet compliments! They meant the world to me!
So which window do you like better? The graphic and orderly one or the bold and organic one?

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  1. Mrs. Foot

    Wow, it looks great! May be my favorite of your Anthro displays yet. And I am totally a sucker for the bold and organic windows. They have such life!

  2. bryn alexandra interiors

    I’m new to your site and I love it! This is so amazing and creative (what a COOL job to have!) My grandparents live in Tulsa.. next time I’m visiting them I will definitely have to stop by the Anthro, it looks amazing!

  3. sara's art house

    Wow- I am blown away by this! I love both displays….I want to try the tile look at my house. I am always painting on the windows- but why not stick things on them?!

  4. Rebekah

    These are AWESOME! I was just in Tulsa this weekend and always have to go by Anthro when I’m there. LOVED your new displays! Some people go to art museums; some go to Anthro! 🙂

  5. grace

    P.S. Did they still stick well after dyeing them or did you use something else (glue/tape) to help them stick?

  6. jeblusk

    WOW!!! That looks AWESOME!!! I think I might have to take my kids on a “filed trip” just to see this in person!!

  7. Anonymous

    Beautiful! I was recently at one the Anthro stores in Chicago and was expecting the type of displays you do. Not even close! Tulsa is lucky they have your talent. 🙂

  8. Kortney K

    Kara, I loved these windows so much I asked the sales clerk at Anthro who did them. I was very excited to see you have a blog.

    I love the organic looking window because my systematic brain finds organized chaos difficult. My structured side loves the geometric one. Both are great!

    I definitely go to Anthro to see the store displays just a LITTLE bit more then I do the merchandise.

    Keep up the inspiring work!

  9. Kara Paslay

    Thank you so much friends for your sweet comments- it makes my heart happy!

    For those wondering- I used regular ol dye (Rit) and I was really surprised with how well the post-it’s stuck. I’ll give you a little insight into the whole window design process in an upcoming post. 🙂

    PS- thanks for visiting Uncle Carroll- it’s always nice to have family around!

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