My Anthro Displays- Spring Feeling Flowers and a DIY

My Anthro Displays- Spring Feeling Flowers and a DIY

If you read through my comments, you may have noticed a lovely lady named Lisa wrote about some paper flowers I recently created at Anthro. Today I wanted to do a quick post of that smaller display. It consists of a plethora of buds- perfect for the spring season!


I think the installation looks nice from the first floor, but I also like that it looks even better when viewing it from the second level!
The lady bug might be my favorite part! It’s just so cute! 🙂
This wall needed just a little touch to carry the theme to the other side of the room.
Now as you know, I cannot disclose how I made my paper flowers (due to Anthro policy), but I did want to provide a DIY link to some different, but gorgeous paper flowers. Take a look!
Picture 26
These oversized beauties were created for Brittany and Paul’s big day. They lined the walkway to the reception (above) and were used as props for pictures (below).
big flowers
You can find the DIY instructions at 100 Layer Cake, a fantastic source for wedding inspiration!

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  1. Callie

    Such a fan of 100 Layer Cakes. Great way to recreate the flowers for Anthro! Nice job Kara!

  2. Katie

    Love your version, as well as the one you linked to. We’re planning a Peter Pan party for my daughter’s birthday and these flowers will be perfect as part of the party decor!

  3. Lisa Johnson

    Thank you Kara! I love them! Your pictures are so much better than my iPhone pics that I took 🙂
    I am always glad to visit Anthro, but now, it’s even more fun!
    Thanks for the great link. I think this wedding planning is going to be so fun and challenging. I’m almost glad I have a tight budget because it will be creatively challenging and hopefully a fun and personal wedding. And guess what, I have 5 daughters! My idea file is getting thicker and thicker 🙂

  4. Kara Paslay

    Lisa you are so welcome! I am glad that I could find a DIY of something similar for you. 🙂

    Meg, I am glad you liked the flowers! Next time you stop in, you’ll have to say hello!

    Katie, they would make great party decor. I would love to see photos of that shindig whenever it happens!

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