One Cool Coffee Shop

One Cool Coffee Shop
I love the feel of coffee shops. . . warm, inviting, oh and they smell amazing! Recently, Tim and I were especially inspired by a coffee shop we found in a small town between Tulsa and North West Arkansas (where our families live). The shop is called “Pour Jons” and you can find it in the heart of Siloam Springs, Arkansas.
At first glance, the space doesn’t look too different from a lot of coffee shops. . .
but then you walk in a bit further and start to approach the counter to order a drink. That is when you start to see some amazing design!


I am always a sucker for scrap wood installations and “Pour Jons” has a whole wall and counter front full of mismatched goodness! Love it!!!
You can also find the shop’s teas organized in clear containers on a DIY shelving unit. It makes so much sense to have the product also be a design element within the space. Very nice!
Fun red stools, revealed rafters, and exposed brick walls all add to the charm of the space.
And of course, single pendant cage lights hung throughout the space add to the ambiance and industrial feel.
I love that the customers who come to enjoy the space (and the coffee) are allowed to leave their mark by writing messages on the partially plastered walls. And isn’t the “telephone booth” door so charming!?
IMG_6894 2
Once inside the “telephone booth” you do actually find a telephone! And an old styled one at that! 🙂 Book page wallpaper (see how to get the look here) adorns the walls and a super cool see through shelving unit opens up the small space!
Finally, open up the bathroom door and the real fun begins!
The very cool bathroom boasts aluminum foil walls and a comic book feature wall! I am absolutely loving these looks that were no doubt created on a next to nothing budget!
What a fun place to explore and hang out in! Hopefully this space has inspired you like it inspired Tim and I! Do you know of any other amazing places we should feature here on the blog? If so, please let us know!

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  1. Elizabeth

    Ahh, Siloam Springs. Went to college there and lived there for years. Might even leave Tulsa to move back if I had to:)

    My BFF’s own Pour Jons. Yes, it’s amazing. You should see the house they built!

  2. Liz

    Kara, Thank you so much for your sweet post about Pour Jons. You are right…the budget was less than ample. 🙂 But, it made us really think about what we could do that was fun, different, and reusing/repurposing things. It is aluminum foil on the wall…one part elmer’s glue to one part water. We did put a thing coat of polyurethane over it all since it is a bathroom and no one wants dirty bathrooms! So glad you enjoyed your visit there. It is always fun to hear stories of people enjoying the space. Liz Herron

  3. Pip the mighty Squeek

    Thanks for the kind words. The several embarrasing moments inside construction site dumpsters was well worth the final look. The entire coffee shop buildout plus equipment cost us about 24k. That’s as bout as cheap as coffee shops come.

    Thanks for the kudos!!

    Jason Herron

  4. Lara

    I also went to college in Siloam! I loved seeing this on your blog. Pour Jons wasn’t around when I was in school, but a friend had recently told me about it. So fun to see it featured here.

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