Preparing a Guest Room Retreat

Preparing a Guest Room Retreat
Since I know a lot of you guys don’t watch videos when you’re at work and reading the blog, I thought I would do a little written run down of the tips we covered on our Channel 2 segment last week.
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The segment topic was “How to Create a Guest Bedroom Retreat.” Now as we said on air, we definitely like it when visitors come to stay with us and are wowed by the decor. . .but no matter how amazing the headboard is, that’s not what’s going to make guests feel welcome. However, there are plenty of details you can add to a space that will make your visitors feel comfortable and even loved!
Tim and I chose to create 3 trays showing off our different ideas. It’s nice to keep things contained within a tray because it makes you feel like getting ready for your guest is a manageable task. Clean the room, fill the tray, and you’re good!
Our first tray contains a few entertainment ideas and creates a general “Welcome” feeling. Here’s what we’ve included:
Magazines– I like to provide a few magazines that fit the personality of my guest. For guys, we might place a few sports magazines in the tray whereas a fashionista will receive an InStyle for pleasure reading.
Playing Cards or Game Books- Depending on how long your guest is staying, they may enjoy a little time to themselves. They will probably bring their own laptop but it’s nice to provide a deck of cards or crossword puzzle book in case they want to unplug.
Water and Cup– How often do you wake up in the middle of the night and need a glass of water? Well, your guest may wake up parched and feel awkward about sneaking out of his/her room in the middle of the night. Providing a bottle of water and cup that can sit on the nightstand is a great way to keep your guest comfortable.
A Welcome Card– I love to write a personal note and leave it for our guest(s). Letting your guest know that you are happy to have them will go a long way in helping them to feel welcome.
Flowers– Fresh flowers communicate that you have prepared the room especially for your friend. The extra effort is generally appreciated and in my experience flowers just make people happy! 🙂
Our second tray displayed a number of bathroom goodies! I’m always amazed at how fun it is to get the trial sized bath products at hotels. People really do love to get those mini bottles of special products. Well, we can do the same thing for guests in our homes.
Putting together a tray full of bath salts, special lotions, homemade soaps, a candle, and even a brand new luffa will make sure your guest returns home feeling rejuvenated from their trip.


Ok, this last tray is absolutely the most important!!! I don’t know about you, but there are plenty of times when I am famished while visiting friends’ homes. Even so, I would never rummage through their fridge and unless I’m just dying, I don’t ask for a snack either. Providing a tray full of snack foods for your visitors will be much appreciated. Full bellies=happy campers!
Setting up a mini coffee maker in the room will allow guests a chance for a little “me” time in the morning (at least that’s what I like to have). 🙂 Remember to be sensitive to the type of diet your guest has when it comes supplying this food tray. Healthy eaters will love some nuts and dark chocolate while those looking to really enjoy their vacation will chow down on some homemade cookies! 🙂
So, there you have it- some great ways to make your house guests feel right at home. . . or better yet, like they are visiting a wonderful retreat where they are loved and taken care of!

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  1. Katie

    Love the ideas! Such a warm welcome it would all provide. : )

    One questions – where are those amazing hand towels from?!


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