Rock and Roll Dining Room Revealed

Rock and Roll Dining Room Revealed

Happy Friday Y’all!  I wanted to end the week with a before and after of the dining room we designed for our rockstar friends, Jonny and Angelene! I already revealed the chain shelves and the beautified pew, but now it’s time to see the whole picture!

Here’s what we started with on Tuesday. . .



Jonny and Angelene already had some great pieces that we were able to work with.  What they didn’t have was a great space plan, enough storage space, or a cohesive look.  Here’s what they came home to on Saturday. . .


We had tarps hanging over the entrance to the dining area while we were working but there was a part of the wall that was visible to Angelene during our redeisgn.  So, the only thing she knew for certain about the room was that it had black walls!!! I think this was a little scary for her considering she had asked for lots of color in the space.  Well, here’s the great thing about a black background, colors pop off of it!! The black allowed the blues, reds, golds, and whites we put in front of it to look saturated and bring the room to life!


The ghost chairs, mirrored console, and crystal chandelier bounce light around the room and make it feel roomy!  And of course, all of these elements feel very rock and roll!


The snakeskin table runner also screams “A rockstar lives here!” 🙂


I love the look of the welded chain shelves, as well as the fact that they provide a space for Angelene to display special family momentos!  You’ll notice on the second shelf from the bottom is a scrolling piece of paper that displays the sound waves from a song sung by The Wright Brothers!  I love to make the spaces we design personal, and this is one way we did it (in an abstract way) in this space!  (PS- You should definitely check out Jonny’s music!!!)


The pew went from my least liked piece to one of my favorites!! You can read about it’s transformation here!!


So, there you have it!  The rock and roll dining room fully revealed!  Next week, I’ll be showing off the other side of the space- the living room!!! Stay tuned!  🙂

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  1. Robin @ Happily Home, After

    Luv your welded chain shelves. And I’m sold, if I ever have a mirrored console there must be a black wall behind. Really a great looking room and my typical style isn’t rock n roll (I’m not cool enough to pull it off 🙂

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