Statement Making Oversized Sconces

Statement Making Oversized Sconces

Hey Friends! I love how an oversized piece can really add to the drama of a room.  Lately, I’ve been especially loving oversized wall sconces in design.  You may have noticed how I used them in this project……



As a matter of fact, I loved these Mid-Century Overarching Wall Sconces from West Elm so much that I bought one for my own house…..


Someone asked for an honest review of this West Elm lamp and I have to say, I’ve loved it.  It was easy to install, gives off great light, and has a sophisticated style. I love how it pivots with ease (that’s great for getting good angles for picture taking).  I imagine many people would be concerned about the lamp sagging or getting hung on by rambunctious children.  You’ll definitely want to find a stud to mount this guy to or use some heavy duty wall anchors! I’ve had no problems……and although I haven’t tried to do any pull-ups from it, I have moved it around a lot.  It’s still working and looking great!!!

If you’re loving the oversized lamp look, you might be interested in this Pinterest board I’ve recently created……

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.58.38 AM

Have a lovely weekend!!

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