Tara Donavan- My Favorite Artist

Tara Donavan- My Favorite Artist
Do you have a favorite artist? I have never been one to follow a particular creator. I like going to art museums and to Anthropologies all over the country, but no name ever stuck. . . until now. As I was doing some research for an upcoming Anthro window display, I came across an incredible image.
I was instantly smitten by the installation that looked as if it came from another planet. Immediately I wanted to know more. Then I found out that this heart stopping piece was made of. . . Styrofoam cups!!! And I fell in love that much more.
I had to know who was responsible for such ingenuity. And it turns out a crazy talented woman named Tara Donovan is the one we should envy! 🙂 I searched and found more of her work (here) that was equally jaw dropping. Would you like to see it? Try to guess what each installation is made of.
This one is entitled “Bluffs.”


It’s made of buttons!
Material: Scotch Tape
Title: Colony
Material: Pencils
Title: Untitled
Material: Paper Plates
Title: Haze
Material: Straws
Title: Untitled
Material: Fishing Line
Title: Strata
Material: Glue
Are you completely inspired or just plain in awe?! I am so impressed at Tara’s ability to turn tiny, mundane, everyday items into massive, gorgeous, and awesome art.
What about you? Do you have a favorite artist or designer?

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  1. cami

    HOLY CRAP!!! That’s some cool stuff and I love the use of everyday things. The straws blew me away.. imagine how many that is???

  2. Rachel

    I hate to be a downer- I actually really like your style, Kara. And I understand the beauty of taking something simple and creating something stunning by repetition. But come on- this is an colossal waste of resources. I hope she donated as many pencils as she ruined to underprivileged children who can’t afford school supplies, etc. The artist’s obsession with using petroleum based plastics, paper and materials produced by using massive amounts of petroleum is a blatant middle finger to even the amateur environmentalist. There is nothing minimalist about this.

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