The Key to a Happy Relationship

The Key to a Happy Relationship

It is Tim, here again to help out with the blog. With Kara’s new job, we have been having to adjust to a new schedule. I don’t like it. Besides having to wake up significantly earlier than either one of are used too, I don’t get to see her near enough. Since we got married in college and then worked together most of our short careers we are used to spending most of our waking moments together. If this were not one of her dream jobs I would ask her to quit.

I came up with the project I am going to show you today in an effort to make the time that Kara and I get to spend together as positive as possible. Being the artist that she is, she has a propensity to forget where she puts things. She can never find her keys. So I used some pieces I had left over from a remodeling project to create this!
Well you might be thinking, “Bring back Kara, I don’t even know what that thing is and it is ugly.”
What about now, is that any better?
The wood that I used is from an old door jamb, but anything you have would work and if you don’t have unused deadbolt locks and door knobs laying around you could check your local Habitat for Humanity Restore.
I mitered the ends of mine, because when I cut my weathered piece it exposed fresh wood and it just didn’t look right. However if you are using a new piece or plan on staining it this might not be an issue for you.
I laid out my pieces in a playful pattern then marked where I need my holes. I set the depth of my router and removed enough wood so the knobs could sit flush.
Last I drilled some holes so I could attach them with screws and there you have it.
Most residential knobs and locks will accommodate most residential keys, but if not just get a blank key that fits your knob and add it to your key ring. This way you will always know where your keys are and you can unlock a happy relationship.
There are some other ways you could make this work but a router makes it significantly easier. I know a router was one of the most intimidating tools that I have learned to use. How many you all have a router or ever used one? Who would like learn?

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  1. Ely Hasrul

    i love the way u hate it when u have little time with kara now.. sweet! and nice, i always lost my keys too…and my watch.. and my phone.. and my lots of things… i need that

  2. Kara Paslay

    This was a little surprise Tim whipped up for me! I love it too!

    And “She’s Crafty and She’s Just My Type”- Just so you get an accurate picture of who we are- Tim would never ask me to quit a job I loved, he was just trying to convey how much he loves me and enjoyed working with me every hour of every day before I took this job. Actually when I went to Lithuania to play professional basketball without him- he never asked me to stay and miss out on my dream. We are all about supporting each other 100%!

  3. AshleyAnn

    Tim…I LOVE this! I, like Kara, lose my keys a few times a day. Now I just have to find time to gather the supplies to make myself one that looks as good as yours. I really, really, really love this project!

  4. Jenny

    Very cool. I would love to learn to use a router. I don’t know if I own one or not… it’s possible! 🙂 Oh, and I didn’t know the thing about most residential keys fitting in most residential locks. Learn something new every day.

  5. Shannon

    I think this is really cool!! I need to consider something like this when we move. I think it’s sweet you miss your wife! 🙂

  6. Kara

    Very cool idea! I just got a router for Christmas that I’m dying to break out and use…when I find like 30 more seconds of free time :-).

  7. JulieBGreen

    Oh Tim I love this! How clever! I’m pretty sure we have a router, it sounds familiar, lol! Thanks for sparking some creativity, I’m already getting some ideas!

  8. Cait @ Hernando House

    I love it! And for the record, I knew what it was as soon as a saw it (possibly because I had a similar idea recently). My nonexistent entryway needs one NOW, so it’s good that it’s a weekend!

    PS- I love your sense of humor, Tim!

  9. tiffany

    love the key holder as an actual lock. what a unique idea (:
    and my husband and i totally understand the being together/working together and then the wrench an outside job/etc throws into the mix.. good luck with the transition!

  10. tiffany

    love the key holder as an actual lock. what a unique idea (:
    and my husband and i totally understand the being together/working together and then the wrench an outside job/etc throws into the mix.. good luck with the transition!

  11. James

    Nicely done, Tim! This project will give me the perfect excuse to learn how to use a router… and maybe buy one 😉

  12. Allison@Quaint Oaks

    What an amazing idea! I’ve been collecting old hardware and as planning on mounting in someplace as wall art, but this is so much more functional! Thanks for sharing!

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