Wood Printed Sunset

Wood Printed Sunset

Hey Friends!  As you know, Tim and I really enjoy bringing unique elements into our room designs.  We love to use high tech tools and cutting edge processes to give clients a space that is inspiring and completely unique.

When I was working on the design for Ms. Brenda’s living room, I knew I wanted to fill one wall with an extremely large scale piece of artwork.  Being that this family loves the outdoors and all nature has to offer, I thought a giant sunset would make for an incredible piece.  I went through a few different ideas: a watercolor painting, giant photograph, or a pixelated version.  I loved the pixelated idea and how that could feel both organic and contemporary at the same time.  Then I had the thought to have a pixelated sunset printed onto wood so that the wood grain would actually provide a watercolor effect!  I had a sample piece printed and fell in love.  Not long after that, a full 8ft X 8ft piece of art was created!

Here’s Dolly showing off the scale of this piece….

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 2.24.17 PM
Now, the piece is finally installed and the room it crowns is complete! Let’s take a look!




I’ll definitely be printing on wood again! More of this room to be revealed tomorrow!

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  1. Mike Paslay

    This is fantastic; I really like the melding of elements, creating an effective composite. Wow!

  2. Asia

    This is SO fantastic. I can’t say enough. Not sure based on the photo’s but assuming you can see the wood grain through… which would be epic.

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