Bathroom Update- Metal Panels and Colored Concrete Walls

Bathroom Update- Metal Panels and Colored Concrete Walls

Hey Friends!

I’m glad you enjoyed the “DIY Wood and Concrete Table” post!  I think slowly but surely you guys are getting comfortable with the idea of using ARDEX. . . which is AWESOME!!!! We are hoping to make it easier to get your hands on some soon. More details to come on that! 🙂

Well, besides our Bible study last night, Tim and I didn’t see anybody this weekend!  We holed ourselves up in our house and worked on some projects!  I am happy to report that we made some major headway in our bathroom!! So, let’s take a quick look at all the stages we went through!

IMG_3575 IMG_3577IMG_3585


For way too long, Tim and I have been showering in a plastic lined, completely unfinished cubby hole of sorts. But now, we are super close to having the bathroom I’ve been dreaming of for almost a year! 🙂

Last time we talked about the bathroom, I mentioned a copper feature wall.  Although I would have loved to go that direction, we felt like that option was a little too pricey.  Instead we opted for 3 panels of galvanized metal.  Right now it provides a nice reflective surface and illuminates the space.  Over time it will age and I think I will be a fan of the weathered look as well!


One of the main features of this space is the wall covering that extends into the shower area. I wanted the look to be seamless and this application achieves that.  The product we used is from ARDEX and I’m excited to give a step by step tutorial very soon!  (PS- the shower head is just a temporary set-up.  It will be upgraded!)


And I forgot we haven’t ever really shown off our sunken concrete tub that Tim poured almost a year ago!  It’s been covered up with plastic and I forgot how beautiful it was!  I need to give the floor of it a good scrubbing, but even in it’s current state, I think you can appreciate it’s form!

Tim says he is going to lay down our teak flooring today, so hopefully, I’ll be able to share that with you soon! 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Shelley

    Oh, I hope you do a whole post on your tub. I realize the skills are beyond a tutorial, but it still would be really interesting. My husband just poured our 3″ concrete counters and I LOVE them. We did an all concrete shower and next we will do a tub for our kiddos. Yours is beautiful!!! Our tub is going in an oddly square shape, but after seeing yours I feel better about it. And I loved your green lights the other day! You guys are super talented!

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