Big and Bold Living Room Wall

Big and Bold Living Room Wall

Hello Friends!

You know that refreshing feeling you get when you have a clean, put together house?  Well, I rarely have that feeling these days! Ha! But we are certainly getting closer to a completed space and I felt a bit refreshed this week as I finished up the feature wall in the living room and got things picked up for a picture!

When I was trying to figure out what to hang on the wall of our living room, I knew I wanted something that would be big and bold, but also uniform.  I didn’t want a collage of things that would seem busy and create visual chaos, since we already have a lot going on in the space.  I also felt like using a reflective surface would be a great idea because we only have one window in the space and we love light!

As I was thinking of possibilities, a company my friends own came to mind.  The Organic Bloom makes and sells beautiful frames in all shapes and sizes.

Picture 6

As their name suggests, the frames come in all sorts of free flowing shapes- here are just a few. . .

Picture 9

I personally fell in love with the Lewis.  My thought was that I could hang them in a grid and thereby create a cool pattern in the negative space.

Picture 10

I had all sorts of colors to pick from. . .

Picture 13

.  . . and since we are in a space with very masculine bones, I decided to go with “Rubarb,” a bright pink color.  I knew it would pair well with our dark gray/navy couch, purple curtains, and the gold accents I am bringing into the space!

Besides laying the frames out in a grid, I also decided I wanted to place mirrors in each frame- creating a window-like effect.  I ordered these packs of mirrors online for about $1 a piece and put them in place.


Here’s a close-up of the “pattern” created by the negative space. . .


And here are some finished photos of the installation. . .


I love that the wall of framed mirrors reflects light, adds a little glamour, and draws your eye up to the tall ceilings (making the room feel more grand).


I love that the shape of the frame is a little more refined, while the color brings in a feeling of fun!


Yay for another project marked off the “to do” list! 🙂

To finish up this space, I need to make a cornice board for the drapes and find a smaller rug to layer over my huge striped rug.  I also wouldn’t mind a pair of new chairs. 🙂

PS- If you are a professional photographer, you can order frames from The Organic Bloom directly.  Otherwise, you can find a seller close to you by clicking here!

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  1. AlliT

    Love the frames!! What a cute idea to fill a large space!! Your space is coming along so nicely! Quick question? Where did you get your sputnik and the striped rug? Love them both!!!

  2. betty

    Just found your site and love the mirror wall. I see where you got the frames but not the mirrors. Can you share? Thanks.

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