Blog Changes

Blog Changes

If you get automatic updates of my blog, you were inundated with posts this weekend. Sorry about that. In an effort to improve my blog, I have made some changes that will hopefully make all of my readers very happy. I know that my blog has been hard to navigate when it comes to finding previous posts, so I wanted to make sure if you were looking for a particular project, you could find it. So, here’s what I did.

Picture 4

I created a “Table of Contents” at the top of the page (right below the room photos and right above the blog post titles). Here is a breakdown of the tabs and what you can find in each of them.
About Me– Just a little bit of my story to give you an idea of who I am, where I come from, and where I am going.
My Home-This is a Before and After Gallery of my home. Many of you said you wanted to see more of it, so this is the place to see my ever changing surroundings. I will update this tab anytime I change and/or finish a room.
DIY Projects– This tab will take you to a list of every DIY I’ve ever done. Hopefully you can scan the list to find the particular one you’re looking for or browse all the ones that sound interesting to you. I hope to have a thumbnail photo added to each project soon.
How T0 Tutuorials– This tabs also takes you to a list. This list contains tutorials on how to do general projects (painting cabinets, hanging headboards, ect). For example, there won’t be a tutorial on a Mason Jar Chandelier (that’s in the DIY) but there may a one on how to make a lamp.
Tips and Tricks-This tab will give you real tips and tricks that designers use to create beautiful spaces. For example you can find tips for , “Making a Great Entry Way” or rules for “Accessorizing a Space?”
Mini Makeovers– Here you will find Before and Afters of individual pieces of furniture.
Before and Afters– Here you will find Before and Afters of entire rooms.
Picture 6
One other small change I made was adding a “Subscribe” Gadget. If you would like to have “kara paslay designs'” posts sent directly to you rather than visiting the site, you can sign up here. Of course, I prefer you come on over and leave a comment or two, but whatever makes your life easier! 🙂

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  1. Jenny

    Love the new user-friendly features! I found the how to paint cabinets post, and I’m curious if you’ve tried that new paint that claims no sanding is required. 🙂

    One question… Does your blog look like it does in those screen shots on your computer? It looks a little different on my computer. There’s no background – it’s always just plain white. Just FYI. 🙂

  2. Kara Paslay

    Hey Jenny!
    I have not tried that paint and I have to say I am a little skeptical. BUT if it does work, I would be ecstatic and give them all kinds of business. I HATE sanding! 🙂

    And yes, my blogs background has a linen look to it! It’s weird that you only see white. Hummmmm…. I wonder how I fix that.

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