Classic & Chic Kitchenette

Classic & Chic Kitchenette

Last time we were in this space…….


I told you that I would be revealing the kitchenette area very soon! Today I am happy to to just that!

Since this was a new build, we had no former kitchen cabinets or space plan to go off of.  So I got to design something from scratch, which is always fun! Here’s how things turned out!


I went with these sleek, high gloss cabinets from Ikea and used a black, white, gray, and gold color palette to keep things feeling chic and classic.  After that, a few fun and colorful accessories brought life to the space.


Anytime we are on a budget (and even when we’re not), I suggest Ardex countertops because of their ease of install and gorgeous finish. Tim and I have gotten quite good at working with this product and was able to complete the entire countertop within a day!  I’m such a fan of this look!




I’m very pleased with how this space turned out!  Classic, chic, simple, and beautiful.  Mission accomplished! 🙂

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