Dark & Dull Goes To Beautifully Bright

Dark & Dull Goes To Beautifully Bright

Happy Tuesday Friends!  I hope you had a great weekend celebrating our country! I was hoping to have pictures of my new window display…..but it has been incredibly difficult to get good pictures of it!  I am going to have to figure that out… but for now, I’ve got a before and after that I’ve holding on to for a time such as this!

This living room was for a lovely family with the sweetest spirit, and their dark and dull den certainly did not represent the beautiful light they bring to the world!  So, that had to change!!

Here’s the BEFORE (they were still moving things in, hence the boxes and stuff)….



One thing that simply had to change in order for this room to transform was the dark rock fireplace. With a bigger budget, we may have chosen to cover the rock in some sort of cladding or tile, but for our situation, white paint would be more than adequate! The rest of the space/pieces were fine, but there was no color to be found anywhere! Starting with large neutral pieces is actually ideal, so the sofa would certainly stay, but we would definitely be adding color to livin up this space! The carpet got replaced with more functional hardwoods while extra lighting and large mirrors helped to brighten things up!  Oh, and if you want a room to feel lively, add plants!!!

So, let’s look at the AFTER……











Yay for a room that more accurately reflects this wonderful family’s personality!  Remember, no matter your budget, you can create a home you love!!! Need help?  E-mail me!! 🙂 ‘Til next time!

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