DIY Cork Crafts!

DIY Cork Crafts!
Last Friday, we had “Crafting with Corks” day at Anthropologie! It was a lot of fun and today I wanted to share some pics and projects from the event!
These were the lovely ladies hosting the event. (Katherine, Meg, Me, and Mekenna)
Before the event, I created a few inspiration pieces for the hostesses to wear. I made a hair clip for Katherine.


Another hair clip for Mekenna.
Earrings for Meg.
And a broach for myself.
All of these pieces were made with: cut wine corks and hot glue. I used an exacto knife to cut through the corks.
At about 1 pm people started to arrive for the event. They crafted and enjoyed some rather tasty refreshments!
Here are some photos of what our creative crafters made.
(Hair clip)
This little girl’s mother copied my inspiration piece for her daughter. So adorable, don’t you think!?
These two gals went to town and made all sorts of fun stuff including shoe clips to add a little something special to sandals or heels!
Of course I had to have something fun planned for the kids. My idea was to create stamps by carving letters and shapes out of the cork ends. FYI- the Oklahoma looks backwards on the cork, but when you stamp it, the image is reversed. Remember this if you create your own stamps! 🙂
This little gal’s mom made her a ring stamp! What a great idea! It looks like she also enjoyed the chocolate pudding with oreo! 🙂
Towards the end, this sweet little family came in and made some goodies. They also enjoyed some goodies. 🙂
I was so impressed with this little guy’s creation. His mom said that he came with the idea the he wanted to make a boat. I think it turned out great!!!!
When the kid’s got tired of stamps, Katherine and Mekenna helped them to make cute little animals out of corks and wire. Here’s Mekenna with her giraffe.
Well, that’s all the fun we had. You can find pins, clips, and earring backs at your local craft store (like Hobby Lobby) if you want to replicate an of the jewelry ideas. Do you have any fun cork ideas you would like to share?

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  1. Terri Weston

    Love, love love this entire article with photo’s, did not know Anthroplogie had a craft day. Thanks for sharing! I shared and gave credit to you on my blog.

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