DIY Cutlery Quick Fix

DIY Cutlery Quick Fix

Happy Friday Friends!  Are you ready for an incredibly easy DIY project with some really lovely results?!  If you’re anything like me, you’ve been coveting all the gorgeous cutlery making its way into the market this year!  Whether it’s copper, gold, or a bright, fun color- I’ve found myself wanting to shell out some cash to enjoy the gorgeous looks that seem to be everywhere!!……..The only problem with that is the price tag.  I mean, sure, I can afford to buy a fork or two, but buying at least 8 table settings?!  That gets costly quick!!

Well, I’ve got a solution for all of us cutlery envying, but budget conscious consumers!  I took my old set of silverware (including a bunch of mismatched pieces I’ve picked up throughout the years) which looked like this…..


And I turned them into this….




Aren’t those pretty?!! And it was so simple!  It was as easy as dipping each piece into my Benjamin Moore Molten Metallics Paint and then clipping it up to drip dry!



Of course, this would not work with normal paint, but the Molten Metallics line has an epoxy finish, which means it will stick to that metal come hell or high water! Yay!  So, what do you think?  Do you need some “new” silverware?!

Find Ben Moore’s paints (including the MM line) at your local Spectrum Paint!!!

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