DIY Dining Room Chandelier

DIY Dining Room Chandelier

For the longest time, I’ve swooned over the Terzani metal chain chandliers.  I’m sure you’ve seen them……




I mean, just gorgeous.  As you might expect, with such beauty, these chandeliers carry a pretty hefty price tag. Unfortunately, the cost has always kept me from purchasing one of these light producing pieces of art.  However, I have wondered if I could somehow recreate the look of this incredible piece.  I’ve had an idea of how to do it for a while now and when my own dining room called for a jaw dropping light fixture, I decided to give my idea a try.

First I either needed to find a chandelier that already had the form I was looking for, or I needed to have my welder tack one up for me. I ended up finding this rectangular fixture from world market that was pretty much exactly what I needed as far as shape.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.01.55 AM

And since the  price was so low, it made more since for me to buy this piece and disassemble it than to pay my welder to put something together.

Once I had the chandelier base completely free from shells, it was time to recreate that those gorgeous draped metal chains that Terzani boasts.  The way I chose to do it…..long fringe style curtains……


I was pretty nervous about things turning out how I envisioned.  But with a little patience I was able to create a piece I think it quite beautiful. 🙂








I chose a gold colored fringe my space, but I think a silver would be quite beautiful as well! I love all the swoops overlapping each other.

So what you think? How does my version stack up?

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