DIY Jewelry Display Stands

DIY Jewelry Display Stands

Well we are one day closer to Christmas and if you’re anything like me, you still have some presents to pick up. Although it is much easier to go and grab something from a store, I like to make my Christmas presents whenever possible. I feel like a handmade gift communicates that the relationship is important and worth the extra energy.


Today I am going to show you how to make a some great jewelry organizers that don’t just provide a valuable function, but are beautiful in form. I made a few back when I was with Anthropologie, but as a job requirement I was not able to share the instructions with you. Today however, I am free to give you every last detail. And the best part is, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!!!
Here are the materials you will need:
– wooden circle (or square) plaques- find them at your local craft store
– wooden spindles- you can use old chair pieces, table legs, or stairway spindles)
– decorative knobs
– paint (if desired)
Once you have your materials gathered, each stand should only take a few minutes to assemble. Here’s how you do it!
1. Cut your spindle(s) down to the heights you want. You can use a chop saw or hand saw to do this. Tip- If you are going to cluster a few together, cut them at different heights to add interest!
2. Screw the circular wall plaque to the bottom of your spindle. You should pre-drill the spindle to make sure the wood doesn’t crack.
3. Next, screw your decorative knob to the top of the spindle. Once again you will have to pre-drill in order for the knob to be able to screw in.
And you’re finished. Of course you could paint the spindles to fit your specific style or color scheme. Or you can leave things neutral.
Oh and you may be wondering about the cost. Well the wall plaques are $1, the spindles free or close to it when you use reclaimed materials, and the knobs range from $3-$10. That is an extremely affordable gift! At that price, you may even be able to spring for a bracelet to display on the piece as well!
With just a few extra spindles and a couple of more screws you can also make a different version of the organizer and use it to display/store everything from headbands to necklaces!
And there you have it, some lovely displays to highlight your beautiful jewelry!
What do you think?

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  1. Claudia

    I love them! Is there any chance you’d be able to share a tutorial on those awesome fossil doilies you made at Anthro too??

  2. becky

    Love these! Where did you find the knobs? I need to find a good outlet for the spindles also. I guess I may have to find a junk dealer in a bigger town…but I will do these…I love your comment about caring more about a relationship when you make a gift. I’m going to use that. I hope they don’t think I’m cheap. haha Merry Christmas

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