DIY Sconce Spruce Up

DIY Sconce Spruce Up

Hey Friends!

Did you happen to notice the sconces in the last post about these guest bedroom bed nooks?



Lighting, of course, is a crucial element in every design and I knew I needed to add some fixtures to this space that doesn’t receive a lot of natural light. I considered pendants, but decided on swing arm sconces because they fit with the feel of the old door headboard more.


I didn’t want to choose anything too fancy because there were already so many great focal points in this space, not to mention the budget was running pretty low. ┬áSo I found these simple, yet adequate fixtures at my local home depot and decided to spice them up just a tiny bit.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 9.33.44 AM

I love using paper in all sorts of ways to create an interesting look on a low budget. I use these tricks a lot when I want to add lots of layers and texture to TV sets, but I’ve found that these simple solutions also work great in the real world! For these lampshades, I simply cut a strip of paper, glued the ends together (to create a circle), and slid this paper “sleeve” over the original lampshade!





An instant upgrade for pennies!! I love this idea because anyone can do it and there are soooooo many great papers out there- you can certainly find one that fits your style and personality!

‘Til tomorrow y’all!

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