Dynamic Dining Room- The Table

Dynamic Dining Room- The Table

Hey Friends!  So, let’s break down this dynamic dining room I posted photos of yesterday.  There are 3 custom creations in this room that helped to make it a completely unique space.  A long time ago, I mentioned the table in this room….but I figure it’s cool enough to recap here today.  Let’s take a look!  Here it is in the completed space….but there were a lot of steps taken to create the look of this finished piece.


If you’ve been reading for any length of time, you know that Tim and I have embraced the “Maker Movement.”  That’s using computer controlled tools to create incredible, custom pieces.  The precision allowed by these tools is really  impressive and mind blowing!

We picked our pattern and Tim programmed everything into the the computer.  Then we set our 2 inch oak table top onto the router bed and watched as the CNC machine did it’s magic.



Once the pattern was routed out, we stained our piece- not worrying about getting it inside the pattern.


Tim and I both love the beautiful combo of wood and concrete, so we filled the voids with our favorite concrete product, ARDEX.


After the ARDEX set up a bit, we were able to take a wet rag and remove the excess from the top of the wood.


And we ended up with this look….


The idea for the base of the table hit me as I was walking through a giant home decor store here in Tulsa.  I saw these pillars that had a really cool shape…..


My thought was to turn two over, change the color, and create a custom table base that would visually fit perfectly with the top we had created.  The curves of the pillars speak to the curves of the pattern.  Design perfection…


We also covered the pillars in ARDEX, once again marrying the table top and base and making it seem as if these pieces were always meant to be together.






And there you have it! ‘Til tomorrow friends!

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  1. Nikki Kelly

    I love how this turned out! The bases of the table look kind of like Corianthian Capitals (the top part of a column). I’m in a history of interior design class and it’s fun to be able to recognize architectural details, so I just couldn’t help myself!

  2. Annet M

    I really like the shapes cut out. Not sure about the concrete but you are wearing me down on it, each time you use it in something, I like it more!! wondering how you attached the table to the legs?

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