Edgy, Yet Fancy Television Frame

Edgy, Yet Fancy Television Frame

So, tomorrow I will reveal Jonny and Angelene’s living room in its entirety.  But today I felt like the treatment we gave to their TV deserved a post all it’s own.

No matter how much we try to fight it, the television is the main focal point of almost every home in America.  I’ve come to a point where I no longer try to fight it, but rather embrace it!  Here’s how we did just that with Jonny and Angelene’s television. . .

IMG_4053 2

We designed a frame to surround the TV. . . nothing new there.  But what is different is the material we used and the shape we settled on.  The clear gray acrylic feels edgy and rock & roll while the baroque silhouette feels a little fancy! I feel like the combo is a perfect fit for this couple!


What makes this designer even more happy is that the lines of the frame speak to the silhouette on the revamped pews and to other touches throughout the space while the acrylic speaks to the dining room chairs (and some living room ones that have yet to be revealed!).




Now, even though the TV will still be the focal point, your attention will also be drawn to the chic frame that surrounds it.  Stay tuned to see the rest of this fun focal wall tomorrow! 🙂

PS- Thank you for your comments on yesterday’s custom table post!

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  1. NotPatient

    Did you get the frame custom made? If not, where did you purchase it? I have a friend whose dad owns an acrylic company…I will have to see if they can do this! Great idea for any frame!

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