Galley’s Are Changing The Sink Game

Galley’s Are Changing The Sink Game

Hey friends! Are you a kitchen connoisseur….or a top notch chef?  If so, you are going to fall in love with what I am about to show you. When you think about kitchen appliances, sinks are probably the last thing that come to mind.  For the most part, they are all the same and when considering where to invest your money- you would most likely think stove or refrigerator before you turn your attention to a sink, right? Well, that’s about to change.  Galley’s are totally changing the sink game and I’m about to show you why!

The design of the Galley sink is simple, but incredibly practical and quite ingenious.  As you can see below, it has a double lip on both sides and is meant to be recessed into the countertop.



Not sure what’s so ingenious yet?

Well, this double lip allows for the perfectly sized cutting boards (and other accessories) to sit snuggly in place and slide back and forth at will. This means you have 2 layers of food prepping square footage!  Plus, all the great accessory options- from colanders to salad bar style set-ups allow for incredible ease in preparing and serving every meal!

Here’s just one example of how handy my Galley was for a recent meal I fixed.  Just follow the progression of the pictures……
















Amazing, right?! I’m in love with the look of my Galley, but it’s the function that really makes it something special!


And you wanna know my favorite part?……….I can place all three cutting boards on the top level and hide sooo many dirty dishes!!!! Haha! 😉

If you’re interested in getting a Galley for yourself or just wanna see all the ways you can utilize this crazy cool sink, check out their website here!

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  1. Wendy

    Kara: I’ve noticed your dishwasher is installed on the wall, behind the island. Did you have to do that because of the length and depth of the galley sink? I have this sink pinned onto my dream house board–it’s never too soon to start planning, right? 🙂

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