James’ Rustic Yet Refined House Tour

James’ Rustic Yet Refined House Tour
Today, I am thrilled to show off some amazing interior design! James, who writes the blog The Cavender Diary e-mailed me a bit ago. He was so kind and of course I popped right over to his blog to see his stuff! And when I did. . . my jaw dropped!
James works creating displays for a big and very well known retail store. It is obvious by his home that James is extremely talented in the areas of design and decorating. All the layers, textures, and color combos are just mesmerizing!
I’m a huge fan of celebrating America and using flags as decor items. For me, seeing that symbol of freedom everyday keeps me thankful and mindful of what a blessed life we live. I love the way James uses flags throughout his home.
In the bedroom, there is more incredible design. The rustic wood wall and sconces are great architectural pieces that James and his partner incorporated to really add to the character of the room.
I’ve always thought those people who have a great fashion sense should display their wardrobe and allow it to do double duty as decor! James did just that on a wall in his master bedroom!
Aren’t you blown away and just in love with the way James composes his rooms? You can see his Full House Tour here!
I’m wanting James to do a guest post soon, so let him know how much you’ve enjoyed his spaces!

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  1. Dirt Princess

    oooohhh love it! I love the oversized pieces! i like that you can walk in his home and see what kind of person he is just by his style. thanks for the tour

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