Moulding Masterpiece

Moulding Masterpiece

We’re back in the Dynamic Dining Room today. I wanted to do a little close up of the the mantle area above the fireplace.

I have been wanting to do a wall of molding for a while and I thought that the area above this fireplace was a perfect place to do it.  In the beginning I actually had this featured panel full of a few more colors including: color, wood tones, white, and gold.


After thinking through the design a little more I decided that I wanted the feature to be brighter and lighter, so I eliminated the wood tones and coral, left the gold, and added more white.  This creates  a beautiful texture, but isn’t so imposing.






On top of the beautiful textured panel, I hung a breathtaking, saturated picture of a horse.  I think horses are beautiful creatures, but I chose to highlight one in this space because the first time Ms. Brenda saw her husband, he was on a horse. Plus, they are big fans of the giant majestic animals.


The rich, saturated colors of this photo grabbed my attention the moment I saw it.  Luckily, Brenda was taken by it as well, so we ordered it from and got it framed.  I love, love it.

I’m thinking I’ll definitely use this stacked moulding look again.  It’s so striking and interesting to me. I hope you agree! 😉

Have a lovely weekend friends!

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  1. Josephine

    Gorgeous! You have extraordinary taste that is not too over the top. Just perfect. WOW. I want to intern for your company

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