My Anthro Displays-Dot, Dot, Dot Windows

My Anthro Displays-Dot, Dot, Dot Windows

Last week, I had to take down the post-it window display and start on a new one. I was really hoping to make this window even better than the last.

This time around, the possibilities were endless with one major sticking point- use dots and lots of them. Well, after a few weeks of preparation, I have calculated that my interns and I have cut, dyed, painted, and strung close to 5,000 dots! Talk about sore fingers! I think I have early onset arthritis!

But after all was said and done, I think that pain was totally worth the gain! 🙂 Take a look!


I created a couple of different looks with the dots. In the front window, I wanted something a little more dense that would look good from all angles. The final look reminds me of a giant capiz chandelier. And I’m pleased as punch! 🙂
In the photo below you can also see that I extended the display to the outside. It’s just another little detail that really helps this art installation to come alive!
A lot of light comes through the front window and since it is open to the store, I wanted to make the the dots transparent. This creates a really beautiful glow to the front of the store during the day. Here are some shots from inside the store.
In the long side windows, I wanted to do something that emphasized/celebrated how horizontal the space was. I also wanted to do something that felt airy and light. I decided to achieve that with string.
From the inside. . .

Here’s how I made the transition from the front window to the side window. I really love how the dots turn the corner in a ribbon like effect.


I like how the right and left sides of the window are inverted (on the right the layers move from front to back and on the left they move from back to front). I also created dimension in the space by placing each color of dots on a different plane.

This window was also supposed to have a more sophisticated feel. I think the color palette of coral, gray, gold, and white really helped to achieve that. I really love these colors in interiors as well!

My interns and I have developed a wonderful relationship over the past couple of months and I am to a point where I trust them with a lot. Again, I gave them some freedom to come up with and execute the third window in the store. I gave them just a little guidance and they worked out the rest. Here’s how it turned out!
From inside the store . . .
Yeah for the interns! I can’t believe they will be leaving me so soon! 🙁 Replacing them will be next to impossible. Love you gals!
Oh, and FYI, the store gives off a warm yellow tint in the morning and evening hours. For this reason the gold portion of the display doesn’t show up as well during those hours, but as soon as the sun comes out, it looks really gorgeous! I’m going to try to get a good picture of it to show you guys, but that darn glare always gets me. You might just have to come by and see it in person!!!
So, that’s it for the “dot” windows- what do you think?

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  1. dinny

    I think your work is truly inspiring. Your interns have the BEST job in the world, well… second to yours. Thanks for blogging!

  2. laura

    Wow – I love the energy and the movement in it. I never stop to look (in real life) at the whole scene laid out before me, at all of the windows together … I usually just rush on in. This is really amazing!

    Now that we’ve seen a bunch of your windows and your process for coming up with the designs, I wonder, how do the clothes fit in? Do you choose the clothes on display or are they pre-selected and you have to work with their style and theme? So curious!!

  3. cami

    AMAZING as always!! Goodness, between you and Tim – you are a force to be reckoned with! God has certainly blessed you with some fantastic talents.

  4. Shayla

    Oh my goodness, this window display is absolutely gorgeous! I think it’s my very favorite so far!! I will have to come by this weekend to check it out in person.

  5. banclothing

    Love, love, love, your window displays. I get super excited every time you post about a new one. I have only been to one Anthro store in particular and I have to say your displays are far superior.

  6. Launa

    Wow. Just wow. I think this is my favorite display yet. It’s amazing what a HUGE impact dots can have. I just love it! Well done.

  7. The Shabby Blue Ribbon

    Absolutely jealous, I am a nurse (constrained to orders and policies) and your ability to act freely in your job is truly a blessing. Thanks for putting up pictures that let me live vicariously through you! 🙂 Great work!

  8. Anonymous

    I saw dots in the Philadelphia Anthropologie store – do your designs get somehow transferred to all the stores? How does that work?

  9. krista webb

    Kara and Tim-
    You guys are off the chain! I found your site last night and spent hours getting ideas. I want to make a chandelier using your “dots”. Could you explain the dying and stranding process in more details?

    I will send you pic of my creation once I’m done.


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