One Amazing Media Console (with a hidden DVD holder)

One Amazing Media Console (with a hidden DVD holder)
Hello Friends! Well, I’ve been so excited to show you our new media console since we completed it a couple of weeks ago! I think it may be my favorite thing in the whole house now. Our living room has been lacking since we moved in, but we finally got it together and this media center was the cherry on top! Check it out. . .


Tim and I made a trip to the flea market and picked up a bunch of old drawers made of wood and metal. We also picked up a mirror for a special project. The metal files were in working order, but we had to make boxes for the rest of the wooden drawers to slide into. Tim made them out of MDF and I painted them.
I really love how the piece turned out! I feel like the console could have looked very disheveled and DIY (in a bad way), but we were able the make it feel very clean and structured by fitting all the drawers within one larger wooden box. A metal base creates a nice separation from the floor so that it doesn’t feel too heavy/bulky for the space.
And have a mentioned how much storage this thing has!!!? It’s great for hiding all sorts of stuff! You can see the cubby hole at the top left was perfect for our collection of magazines. We left some of the other cubby holes empty for effect and I added a really cute knob to the top right drawer to make the piece even more charming.
Now to my favorite part of the piece!!!! Are you wondering where our DVD player is? It’s there. . . you just can’t see it. That is until you rotate the mirror. . .
Isn’t that great!? That was Tim’s brilliant idea! I love how well it’s concealed and how easily it’s accessed! Yay!!!! Now that’s smart design! What do you guys think? We’d love to know!!!

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  1. Nikki

    I love it! You two are so clever for making that mirror tilt for DVD access. I bet you could do that with a one way mirror for the cable box.

  2. Allison

    I love this!!! I remember seeing some like this on i think design sponge awhile ago but i like that you made them into a rectangle instead of having all the random sides! And i totally didnt even notice the mirror before it was flipped!

  3. Anonymous

    You two are crazy talented. What a great design. So practical and creative with great personality. (can furniture have personality. Well, YES it can!) Great job!

  4. Laura

    Kara, your media console is an amazing work! After seeing this wonderful piece that you made I had to look through your blog and got confirmation that you are so talented lady! So many great things that you make, so many amazing inspirations that you post about – WOW!
    Thank you for sharing all these treasures!

  5. sara

    I absolutely LOVE this! Will you post a tutorial for it at some point? Would love to know how y’all did it and the ins & outs of the situation! It’s perfect!

  6. Kara Paslay

    Laura- Thank you for the kind words, comments like these really make it all worth it!!

    Sara- Thanks! I am sure we will post a tutorial at some point. Tim gets a little distracted once basketball starts, but I am sure I can get him to whip something up. Here’s to hoping it is sooner rather than later.

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