The KD Commercial- What You Didn’t See

The KD Commercial- What You Didn’t See

Hey Friends!  So, yesterday I posted the KD Nike commercial we worked on.  Is was a whopping 33 seconds long.  Can you believe that we (6 people) spent 6 full days getting ready for that piece!?  Commercials are kind of crazy like that.  We furnished a whole room with everything you would find in a typical police station, a lot of which you never see or notice during the commercial.  So I thought it would be fun to show you everything you didn’t see!

Here was the space when we first arrived.  It was a great base for the concept, but we definitely had to put some work in! I obviously pieced this before photo together in photoshop, but hopefully you get the picture.


A main problem we had to address these closets with the sliding doors.  Although they were really cool, the commercial called for a large bulletin/evidence board.


So, Tim built these panels that fit perfectly inside the closet opening and he secured them in place.


Each side of the room got a different, but similar treatment.  Let’s take a look-



Like most police stations, this one is not outfitted with the latest cutting edge technology.  We purposely used old school computers and vintage furniture to give the space some character.  You might have noticed, we also painted the walls a warm greeny-gray.  I love what the color did for this space!  It feels more masculine and the contrast with the wood is really beautiful!

When decorating a set, you make sure to cover all your bases.  You never know when the director might change the angle of his shot and include a whole wall you previously did not see.  For that reason, we always over do the design.  For example, you never saw this angle in the commercial, but it was completely outfitted and ready for it’s close up if needed!


Of course we included a few pieces that pointed towards the basketball connection.


The desk top on this side was full of normal accessories.  Besides the obvious office supplies, I also added some police reports, fingerprint evidence papers, and a magnifying glass.



We’ll catch that criminal (Tim Paslay) in no time! 😉


So, let’s flip the camera around and look at the other side of the space.  This is my favorite shot of the set.  So much interest, texture, nice colors, and cool lighting.


So, here’s the BEFORE of this side. . .


And the after. . .


This is where a lot of the action is taking place.  We have our bulletin board laying out all the crime connections and the evidence set out on the desk.

We have our basketballs that were harmed during multiple “drive by dunkings” and shattered backboard glass that was left at the scene of the crime!


The evidence board really was a work of art.  The production designer put this piece together and I think it’s pretty awesome.  You’ve got possible suspects on the right, locations of the crimes mapped out (the star references KD’s logo), a shoe print, a wanted poster, multiple references to KD’s number (35), and more.



Here’s some more stuff you never saw. . .



The longer I work in production, the more I enjoy putting together genuine, authentic, character-filled spaces.  Remember with your own home, you don’t have to have the most beautifully designed space for it to be awesome.  What makes it awesome is that it tells the story of who you are. . . because you are awesome!! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this in depth look at the KD commercial set!  See you Monday- have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. Wendy Woodall

    Gosh that is such a cool project! My son is 7 and he is in love with KD and has been watching that commercial constantly on YouTube the last two days! Very cool and congrats!

  2. Anonymous

    I love that you do jobs like this! Sometimes with home design blogs I get bored with kitchen after kitchen after kitchen that all end up having the same elements because they all need roughly the same functionality. Thinking about the process of creating a totally new and different feel for a room — from scratch — helps me approach my own spaces with new eyes. I will never decorate an old school police station, but now I can see how different accessories and colors can make this room feel like it is one. So cool!

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