The White Wall

The White Wall

Happy Thursday Friends!  I told you my entry wall would soon be basking in white and today, I’m revealing how it turned out!

Here’s the beautiful, natural wood wall that some of you were really drawn to.  I loved the look as well, but what you don’t see in the pic below is the wood lath wall that sits just to the right and slightly behind this newly built piece.  For that reason, the natural wood had to go.  Plus, the kitchen design calls for something a little more clean.





The white really brightened up the space and contrasts well with the steel frame.  It will also contrast nicely with the walnut wood and black concrete we plan to bring into the kitchen.  Speaking of the kitchen, Tim can you get on that already?! 😉

Also, the last time I showed this wall, we hadn’t installed our steel frame inside the cutout we created.





I love, love how the steel finishes off this opening and creates a shelf that will eventually hold fresh herbs….you know for when I cook.  Because I love cooking. (I keep hoping if I say it out loud, it will actually happen.)


The wall creates the perfect divider for our space without closing things in.  In this pic you can see: the entry way through the window, a peek of the wood lath wall I was talking about, and a snippet of the living room off to the right.  What you don’t see? All the mess I shoved towards the fireplace so I could get a decent looking picture. :/  I’ll find time to clean some day.


So, there you have it!  The wood wall has gone white.  Thanks to Spectrum Paint for ALWAYS supplying the quality paint I’m looking for! ‘Til tomorrow!!!

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  1. Jill Flory

    Kara I so love what you guys are creating in your space! You have such an amazing gift for design and it’s just so fun to come by and catch up on what you are getting done! I just know your whole space will be in magazines everywhere once it’s finished – do I’m with you – could you get on that already Tim 🙂

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