Transforming Table Mod

Transforming Table Mod

Often in my projects, it’s important to reuse items. Whether for budget or sentimental purposes, keeping certain pieces in a space can be important.  In the Fullingham’s dining room, keeping the table was a must.  Why?  Because this family is huge and buying a new table that could actually fit all of them could blow the whole budget! However, keeping the table didn’t mean we couldn’t modify it!

Here’s the table in it’s original condition……



As you can see, the size was perfect for the family and for the space.  The style however……was not what I was hoping for.  The solution? New legs and a freshly painted table top.

When I was considering different bases that would go with our African theme, some tables came to mind.  These tripod tables (formerly sold by Wisteria) were exactly what I was envisioning.  AND I happened to have a few of the bases left over from a different project!


Then my favorite contractor/person/maker, Tim came in to make sure the construction was spot on and the bases were well attached.



After the tripod bases were attached I went about giving the table top a new paint job.  I used Cottage Paint from Spectrum.  It’s a clay based paint that works similarly to chalkboard paint.  I didn’t have to sand at all!!!! Such a time saver!


I used a combination of the gray and white paint to create a stone like look.




And at the end of the day, the table looked completely different…….





IMG_7413 copy

A pretty fantastic transformation, right?!

You can find Cottage Paint at your local Spectrum Paint.  Find the location closest to you right here! Happy weekend friends!

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  1. Michelle M

    What a great idea! I need a huge table but all the bases on the affordable ones on Craigslist have been ugly or unworkable. This could be the solution! Thx!

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