Haha!  That’s the comment my sweet mother left on my Facebook post announcing my latest adventure. Two minutes later she was calling my phone, probably upset she had not been informed of my purchase before the rest of the world! I told my momma, this decision was just like when I wanted to dye my hair purple. One day, the idea popped into my mind and I just HAD to do it. No fear, no hesitation… only excitement, a strong vision, and an overwhelming desire to see my brand new baby dream fulfilled!  So, three days after the idea dawned on me, I was the proud owner of my very own 40ft beast of a bus!  Momma still doesn’t prefer the purple hair, but she was on board with this bus turned to tiny living idea immediately! …….And it seems like a lot of you are drawn to this little adventure of mine too!  So, I thought what I better time to start the blog back up and bring everyone along with me on the ride! 😉 There promise to be bumps along the renovation road, deflated spirits and tires, BUT I’m confident that any time I spend on the the “struggle bus” will be well worth the reward at the end of the road!!





Next blog, I’ll discuss a little bit about why this project was so appealing to me and give you a tour of the bus in it’s current state!


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  1. mary

    Yay! I just wondering the other day whatever happened to you…..
    Looking forward to your new adventure.

  2. Emily

    I agree with Mary! How about an update on where you’ve been! I almost deleted you from my feed reader last week but decided to hold off. Glad i did!

  3. Haley

    Yay, so fun! Whatever you do with this will be amazing and I can’t wait to see more.

    PS. I agree with the other commenters… I would love to hear what you’ve been up to lately.

  4. Gina M

    So excited to see what you do with this bus. It looks like it could be nice and roomy inside. Glad you’re back!

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