Black Hole Be Gone

Black Hole Be Gone

We’re talking about that black hole that is your fireplace when it’s not consumed by a beautiful fire light. Unfortunately, a lot of us have been granted with the typical glass and brass corrugated fireplace doors. Their functional, but they are so darn ugly. People, it’s time for those to go! Let’s look and see what we can do to fix our problem.

If your fireplace is not functional, you can add decor pieces in them! Wood, books, plants, anything!





And if they are functional, feel free to cover up the mess (while their not in use, of course) with beautiful DIY’d screens like these.




What do you think? What have you done in your home? Do you like it? We would love to know! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Renee

    How much did the screen with green tint cost you from Tulsa plastics? And what brand of tint Do you use? Teach us your ways

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