Edgy and Chic Fireplace Screen

Edgy and Chic Fireplace Screen

Covering and/or decorating a fireplace hearth can be a detail that often gets ignored.  In a few days, Ashley will be back to share multiple ideas on how you can make sure that black hole doesn’t suck all of the life out of your space! A fireplace screen is an obvious answer to the issue, and that’s what I went with in this crazy cool space (which I’ll be revealing bit by bit over the next few weeks).


I’ve been loving working with my local acrylic company to create some unique pieces in the past year….and this fireplace screen is one of my favs!


I came up with the design and then sent it on over to my peeps at Tulsa Plastics.  When they were finished with their part, I had a completely clear bent acrylic fireplace screen.  Next, I added another element I’m obsessing over lately- the green mirror tint (which I’ve also used here and here.)



I really love how edgy and chic this piece feels!


In case you were concerned, this screen is only for decorative use and would not be suitable to act as a protective barrier from a fire! It’s just a beautiful way to hide that black hole the 99.9% of the time that the fireplace is not being used. 🙂




I really can not wait to reveal more of this edgy and chic space!  Stay tuned friends!

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  1. Jessica @ Decor Adventures

    Hi Kara,

    I’ve read your blog for a while and sadly I never comment! But I had to leave a note about this, I’m loving it. I’ve been waiting to read about this green mirror technique, so I’ll wait for that post. But in the mean time I’m wondering how I can make one of these myself! Love your projects 🙂

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