Marble Countertop Surprise

Today, I’m taking you back to the fall when I revealed Anthony’s Man Cave.  You remember it, right?

One of the major changes in this space was the bar area that I created for Anthony. Because what’s a man cave without a bar right?

One of the features I wanted to bring to the bar area was a waterfall edge countertop.  If you’re unsure of what that means, it simply means that the countertop breaks/bends and continues down the side of the cabinet.  I also wanted the look of an elegant and timeless marble for this bar area. Something like this…

So in the end, things ended up looking like this…

You may be surprised to learn that this countertop is not actually marble at all.  It’s ARDEX’s Feather Finish!  That’s right!  Once again our favorite concrete product came into play!  AND to the delight of many, the Feather Finish product now comes in white!!! Woo hoo!!

In order to get a marble like effect, I did my first coat with the gray feather finish.  This gray coloring would show through in small areas as I did the top coats in white providing that veiny, marble like look.  This is definitely a process you want to play with a bit if you decide to do it on your own.

If you are excited about the possibility of using ARDEX’s Feather Finish as a countertop option, be sure to read this post for the step by step tutorial and answers to all those questions you are going to have!

You can find your local ARDEX supplier here!

See you tomorrow!!

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  1. WLD

    Wow another great feather finish example!! I have been reading alot and watching many videos since first being inspired by u to do my counters….have been hearing some nightmares about several coats of sealer just not cutting it!! Now that there are so many natural stone options for counters there are 100s of sealers as well!! Can u tell me how your choice for the bar redo in the grey has been holding up? It looks like the whte. One isn’t that old but are u happy w the seal on that so far as well?
    Thanx Kara!! More feather finish projects!!

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