Meaningful, Baroque Mirror

Meaningful, Baroque Mirror

Hey Friends!  Happy Friday!

You may have noticed during the past year or so, Tim and I have really embraced using high tech tools to create pieces for our designs.  The main reason we love using these computer controlled tools is because it gives us the opportunity to really customize and personalize each space.  And in case you haven’t caught on, that is our absolute favorite part!

One of the tools we’ve been using is a laser cutter.


 We used this machine recently when creating a mirror for a client.  I really wanted the look of a baroque style mirror, but I wanted to add a meaningful element to the space.  So, the challenge began of how to create something that fit both criteria.  After working through a number of ideas (some of which you would probably laugh at) Tim and I finally came up with something that we both loved.

We used the laser cutter to cut out a number of shapes that related to the stories of our clients.


And I placed them in a manner that I felt looked very baroque-ish. 🙂

(in process)


(assembled, but not painted)


My main goal was that you would not be able to spot the shapes right away, but that the mirror would appear to be beautifully ornate and then upon further inspection, you would be able to pick up on the “hidden” story within the piece.



I am not able to tell the whole story behind this space or even this mirror yet, but eventually I’ll get to share it all.  I’m really happy with how the piece(s) turned out.  I wish I could show you how “baroque” the mirror looks from farther away, but I can’t share a zoomed out view of this vanity area just yet.  Stick with me!  More fun stuff coming!


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  1. Jesse

    I love the mirror! You guys are amazing.. jeez… I have an off topic question, did you do that wall also? (I’m sure you did!) Is it paint? I love how aged it looks…

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