Pretty Parlor Wall

Pretty Parlor Wall

Hey Friends!  Happy Friday!

I split my work time pretty evenly between set design and residential interior design.  I love both and love that I get to hop around a bit and keep things interesting.  My favorite thing is working with family’s, learning about their stories, and creating a space that they will enjoy for years to come!

Right now, I am working with a family on their parlor bathroom and dining room.  I’m excited because both spaces involve some unique ideas that you haven’t seen us do before and I think they’re going to turn out beautifully!

Here is the design board I created for the parlor bathroom….


I also created an alternate design board that was a little more subdued because Jen, the homeowner, said she liked to keep things simple…


I was more than happy when Jen chose the more colorful, more “kara-ish” design! 🙂  Yay!  Here’s what the bathroom looked like at the beginning of our process.


We’ve started the implementation process and so far we’ve taken care of the demo, stripping the wallpaper, and putting the first couple of coats one the wall. And here’s how it looks now!


I actually almost wanted to stop here because I thought the finish turned out so beautifully.  But, as you can see from the design board, our walls are bringing the pop of color into this space!  So, we must take the next step!  I always tell myself, great design happens when you take risks!  And a parlor bathroom is the perfect place to do something punchy.  Since it is a smaller space and a room that you don’t spend a ton of time in, a bold statement is less likely to overwhelm you over time.

Are you wondering what product we used on the wall?  Well, it was an ARDEX product!  We’ve talked a lot about using ARDEX, and our concrete countertop using the Feather Finish product has been quite popular.  We always recommend using Feather Finish on a surface that will see a lot of use, but for a surface like a wall, we recommend a different product- ARDEX’s SD-M.

And my favorite thing is that the SD-M comes in white and is very easy to get your hands on!  Most suppliers (find one near you here) stock it so you can just go and pick it up! Also, the SD-M is sooooo smooth going onto the surface, like butta I tell ya!  I really just wanted to rub my face on the wall when I was finished! 🙂  If you’re interested in having that concrete or plaster-like look on your wall, you can follow our tutorial right here.

I’ll be back soon to show you how I added a beautiful pigment to this finish in the near future! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!


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