The Pioneer Woman’s Set- Part 2

The Pioneer Woman’s Set- Part 2

Hey Friends!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I wanted to go over the other half of the Pioneer Woman’s kitchen that I have yet to reveal.  As you may remember, Ree asked me to come in and spruce up her set a bit for her cooking show (PS- the episodes are airing right now, check them out on The Food Network at 9 am Central on Saturday mornings!).  Ree’s set before I got there looked like this…



And here’s a screen shot that I grabbed from Ree’s show…


As you can see, I lot of white dishes make up a lot of the background in the main shots of Ree cooking.  Although I do love that look in real life, it doesn’t make for an interesting set.  Also, the lack of a contrasting paint color behind the dishes didn’t allow the white to pop or their shapes to draw interest.

As always, I wanted the scene I created to tell the story of the person who it was made to reflect.  Having met Ree, I know she is a warm, charming, funny, and colorful personality.  And of course, her set needed to reflect that.  Here’s what I came up with to Ree-fine this kitchen set. 😉









I wanted to add color to this great corner nook that gets a lot of play in Ree’s show.  However, I didn’t want to paint the wall or do anything that would be hard to change in case it needed to be fixed on the fly.  Because I wanted to fill the shelves with all sorts of interesting objects, I also knew that putting a pattern on the wall would be too much. A flat color, however, would be too little.  So, what do you do when you want to add a little interest, but can’t use a pattern?  You use texture!!



The texture I chose came from…..egg crates!  🙂  I thought the sentiment was more than appropriate and the look… exactly what I was going for.

Once the crates added that pop of color and texture, it was time to fill the shelves.  From a canned dry goods, to vintage art, to hand painted platters- these shelves boast both new and old pieces that add all sorts of interest to this Pioneer set.




 If you missed the post about this DIY spice rack (below), you can read it here!



Normally, when decorating a set, I will be there during the  shooting and make adjustments to things depending on the angle of the camera, the desires of the director, or just to switch things up between episodes.  For this project, I came in before and completed the set and was not present during shooting.  For that reason, I was not able to make adjustments based on any problems or desires that arose.  So, what you see on TV might be slightly different from what you see here….maybe next season I’ll get to hang out on set and eat some of Ree’s fabulous food! 🙂

Be sure to check back in!  I’ve got another makeover to reveal in the next few days!

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  1. Gnome Lover

    Egg cartons? Egg cartons?! Genius. Just genius. I loved the video that you guys made and I hope you get your show. I love your imaginations!!!


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