Bright & Light Filled Living Room

Bright & Light Filled Living Room

Hey there friends!  So, last week I showed you this fireplace transformation. And now I’m back to reveal the whole room.  I’ll get right to it and then we’ll discuss!





As you can see, the space feels so much more bright and lively!  That’s not just because of a sun shiny day.  This room, like a lot of homes in Tulsa, was lacking overhead lighting.  Lamps and windows was all this space was relying on when it came to lighting.  By installing a number of sleek can lights, we greatly improved the ambiance of the room.  The contrasting of black and white and the layering of other bold colors also brought the space some much needed energy!

IMG_6812 2


I needed the photos flanking the fireplace to be oversized to help this exceptionally wide room feel more intimate.  The proportions of prints also make for a focal point that is in proper scale with the size of the room. BUT, the best part about these pictures is that they were created by the homeowner!  The print is actually a combination of 3 different and special churches for this family.  The church they grew up in, the church they married in, and the church they attend now.  I love it, I love it, I love it! 🙂  (Check out Natalie’s website if your in need of some photography!)


The large scale swing arm lamps are also a favorite of mine!  So much so that I bought one for my own house! Thanks West Elm!!

IMG_6833 3


I fell in love with this green trellis style rug, but felt like the pattern was a little too much for the space.  By layering a white flokati rug over the top, I replaced some of the pattern/color with texture- and felt like it was the perfect combination!


IMG_6866 2

Yay hooray!! I can’t believe it took me so long to show you guys this space!  Hopefully you think it was worth the wait!!

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