Brisco Living Room

Brisco Living Room

Hello Friends!  Well, I finally got around to sorting out all the pictures from my design binge a few weeks ago! I started working with Brenda over a year ago when they started building this house from the ground up.  I was excited to help with the project from the very beginning- picking flooring and finishes. Brenda and her family love beautiful, layered design, but with grandkids visiting all the time, the comfort level had to be there as well!  In my opinion, a whole lot more goes in to making a room comfortable than having a few cushy chairs. Comfort is conveyed with inviting colors, soft surfaces, living plants, fresh flowers, and personal accessories.  All these things help a home to feel cared for and call for guests to enjoy the space in more than just a visual way.  Are you ready to take a look?!

Here we go…..



Read more about the one of a kind sunset artwork here!



This deconstructed Restoration Hardware couch (below) makes me weak in the knees. L-O-V-E it.


Of course since the living and dining room were adjoining rooms, I needed to make sure their designs meshed and complimented each other.  I love the glimpses you get through the door way.


I. love. fiddle. leaf. figs.  I could put them in every room.  I love how sculptural they are and how a green plant brings literal life into a space.


Bookcases are the fastest way to bring personality into a space.  Filling the shelves with personal mementos, interesting shapes, and unique pieces instantly take a room from boring to completely intriguing.




Here are a few pics of the coffee table.  I’ll share more about this piece tomorrow!!






The layered colors, patterns, and textures in this space make it one of my all time favorites!! I hope you enjoyed it as well! ‘Til tomorrow!


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