CNC’d (Engraved) Floral Wood Wall

CNC’d (Engraved) Floral Wood Wall

Happy Thursday friends!

Today I am covering the rest of House of Hy’s guest room redo! We’ve covered the bed nooks……



And now it’s time to talk about the show stopper in this space. Our CNC’d (engraved) wood floral wall!!!


I am certainly bias but I love, love this wall! When we began this project, Hy was really keen on having a barn wood wall.  Tim and I do love the look of barn wood walls, but we didn’t want to design a room that looked similar to so many other rooms that have already been done.  As we were brainstorming ideas to take this design to the next level, we decided this was the perfect moment to try out an idea we had been keeping in our back pocket.  Tim and I have really enjoyed using high tech tools as of late to add a level of sophistication and personalization to the spaces we’ve designed. Our idea here was to use a CNC machine (a giant router) to engrave a digital design that I created on the computer.




As you can see, when the CNC routed into the weathered wood, it revealed the fresh wood underneath- creating a lovely contrast.




I love this look because of the juxtaposition between the weathered “manly” wood and the feminine floral pattern.  Both the pattern and the material feel very organic and natural- nothing too fussy for this down to earth family.  Most of all, I love that this is a wall no one has ever seen before or will see again!  Being different isn’t always good, but in this case I think we nailed it! 🙂

‘Til tomorrow friends!

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