DIY Bansky Inspired Church Art

DIY Bansky Inspired Church Art

Happy Friday Friends! The past week or so we’ve been going through the Smith’s space piece by piece. Today I’m showing you a piece of custom art I created for the couple, inspired by one of Emily’s favorite artists- Banksy.  When I first started planning out the Smith’s space, I thought about doing a whole feature wall inspired by Banksy’s amazing church window piece…..


Well, I totally would have done that, but the man of the house was uncomfortable with that kind of commitment………lame.  Haha, just kidding!! I totally understood and put the idea on the back burner for the time being.

During the time that I was implementing the Smith’s design plan, they opened a new CrossFit Gym.  Ms. Em is quite an artist herself and painted all sorts of amazing images on the walls to give the space personality and color (which make for great photo opps!). One idea Em implemented was a wall where members could interact and put their own stamp on the space by spray painting their name….



And eventually the wall looked like this…..

About that time, the idea I had tucked away in my brain emerged again.  Maybe I couldn’t do a whole Bansky inspired wall, but I could certainly do a Banksy inspired piece!  So, I took a pic of the wall and had it printed out.  I then painted a gothic style window motif over it that mimics the inspiration piece.  And this is what we ended up with….


Now, I’m certainly not claiming that this piece is as gorgeous as Banksy’s, but it is certainly more meaningful to this couple that puts their heart and soul into their business, changing people’s lives with their dedication to healthy living!  Yay for meaningful design!

‘Til Monday!

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