Eclectic Courtyard Reveal

Eclectic Courtyard Reveal

Happy Wednesday!  As promised, today I am revealing the eclectic courtyard I put together this summer.  The space started out as a blank and beige slate.  The only thing that was in tact and staying was the wooden built in which held a TV.  So, let’s take a look at a few before and after’s!













The most impactful thing we did was build a pergola to define the space.  It’s amazing how this build created an instant intimacy in the space- something that I think is incredibly important for a courtyard.  In my mind, courtyards are supposed to have that secret garden, magical feel to them.  Does that sound silly?


Anyway, we got the pergola built and stained (read about the staining fiasco here).  Then I wanted to take that feeling of intimacy a step further.  I’ll talk about the decorative panels we installed later this week!




To me, a really great outdoor space has both a fire and water element.  We brought in a water element with a waterfall and the fire with these columns that hold gel fuel canisters.  I especially like to have the element of fire to create a beautiful ambience at night when the sun goes down.  Nothing feels more special than being surrounded by the flicker of fire!


And just because the space is so beautiful at night, here are a few photos where you can really pick up on the glow of different elements. 🙂





We’ll talk more about the different elements that make up the space throughout the week.  From the custom built furniture to the glass buoy chandelier- we’ll discuss it all!  Are you ready to spruce up your outdoor space just in time for the beautiful fall season?!

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  1. Judith Roberts

    Through This Old House website your website was mentioned repeatedly as inspiration for do-it-yourself projects. Indeed, your designs are absolutely exciting; the atmospheres you create are sophisticated, warm, cozy, charming, relaxing and welcoming as in welcome home and welcome friends. Thank you for your generosity!

  2. Judith Roberts

    Through TOH website, you were credited as inspiration for DIY projects. The atmospheres you create are sophisticated, charming, cozy and welcoming; welcome home and welcome friends. Thank’s for your generosity.

  3. WLD

    So pretty…I am just catching up on your site….did u tint the bottom of big glass ball fixture yourself? such a transformation!

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