Little Lady’s B & A on a Budget

Little Lady’s B & A on a Budget

Hey, hey friends!  We’re going to start another week off with a beautiful before and after!  This little girl’s room is just up the stairs from the lovely living room I revealed last week.  This adorable little lady’s room needed be as bright and beautiful as she was, but we needed to do it on a budget!



The room had some great pieces, but the bed and the nightstand needed to move into sister’s room. So, some different beds that were in storage made their way into the space.  Luckily, there were two- which makes for beautiful symmetry and extra sleeping space for slumber parties!!!!! 🙂  Let’s look at that after!



Bright colors, punchy patterns, and tons of texture abound, bringing this room to life!


With a smaller budget, the window wall was our main focus.  Yellow velvet floor to ceiling drapes, custom artwork, and a DIY juju complete the look.


I love this bird’s eye view of the gorgeous combo of color and pattern!


The custom artwork was created my my amazing intern turned free lance employee, Ashley! I love that I can cast a vision and she can create something just lovely!


Of course, flowers are a staple in feminine designs and a favorite of mine! I applied these adorable paper flowers to the lamp shades to add a whimsical touch to the space.



Don’t that itty bitty guitar and those tiny glitter Toms just make the perfect styling accessories?!!  I mean, so cute!!


Another room down! I just love my job!! 🙂

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